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Smart & Innovative


EcoNuvo’s smart and innovative product line will surely ease the burden of these time-consuming rituals. With efficiency and quality in mind, every item is built with modern technology and well-thought-out designs that offer cutting-edge solutions for a more enjoyable life at home.


Furthermore, we guarantee reasonably priced products that

are effective, safe, and user-friendly.


Our Products

ECO 211

UV LED Sterilizer with Anion Technology



A portable UV-C LED sterilizer and dryer with patented Anion technology that can fit 6 to 8 bottles and accessories.

ECO 213

Smart Steam Sterilizer
with Dryer


5 in 1 function with steam sterilizer, dryer, milk warmer, fruit dehydrator and storage. 

Plasma Shield

Plasma + UV-C Air Sterilizer


Sterilizes air of bacteria, germs, and viruses including COVID-19 using its patented double sterilization (Plasma + UV-C) technology.

Cleanose Pro

Electric Nasal Aspirator

Econuvo Cleanose Pro_.png

With its mist spray and suction, you can loosen, soften, and clear away thick nasal mucus quickly and safely. BPA and Latex free.

ECO 212

UV LED Multipurpose Sterilizer, Dryer and Food Dehydrator


A multipurpose UV-C LED sterilizer, dryer, food dehydrator and yogurt maker. This appliance can fit 12 to 16 bottles and accessories.


UV LED Sterilizer & Dryer


Uses its 16 UV-C LEDs to eliminate 99.99% of germs, viruses, and bacteria with a large capacity of 25L. 

Shield Mini

Plasma UV Air Sterilizer


Portable air sterilizer with patented double sterilization (Plasma + UV-C) technology.  Sterilizes 13.2 sqm of bacteria, germs, and viruses including COVID-19.

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